Looking at buying pc from palicomp any help??


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Hello people im looking for a new pc from palicomp as they do good buy now deals would like some help on what to go for not after anything to much for games as i have ps3 for that buti do play stuff like football manager. I only need the base unit as i have everything else.

ive looked at this one CORE I3 BLAST 530OC44 PC Base Unit

is there anything i can add to it ??

thank you for the help.


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They have a terrible reputation especially in regards to after sales


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I have been in discussion with Palicomp, before ordering anything, here is one reply:
'With regards to the negative feedback, while it is easy for us to say that you can always find negative comments easier than positive, however true this may be, it does not negate the fact that they exist. We are aware of some recent comments made on various forums etc and while many are genuine problems, a lot are usually bore from frustration. As a customer there is nothing worse than a new purchase not working, we are all customers to someone and we fully understand this.

However, one thing we are actually very proud of is our after sales service. Over the years we have taken onboard the criticisms we received in various forms, not speaking to technically proficient staff, premium rate call lines and originally, e-mail only support. These have all been countered by employing not only staff with excellent knowledge of computers, but also training our staff in-house so when helping a customer they are not simply reading from scripts. Our support is provided by e-mail or local-rate telephone call and our upgraded 'carefree warranty's also include remote access for software assistance.

We also see many people upset that they receive parts not specified. Many of these, while they can be true, are often simple mis-understandings. Things ranging from the graphics cards, being the same model but different manufacturers e.g. 6870 1GB made by Sapphire one week and then Sparkle the next or Hard Drives being Hitachi and then Seagate etc. These are not communicated to the customer unless the specification changes, however anything that is a spec change is always confirmed beforehand with the customer.

Palicomp as a company started heavily on E-Bay with set systems of entry-level specifications, but soon moved on to national advertising and competing in various charts etc. This has given the company chance to grow and with this realising that unhappy customers do not return never mind recommend us to their friends. As many of our sales come from customer recommendations we are very confident that the majority of our customer feel happy with their choice.

Obviously when spending this amount it is research that needs to be done which we understand and are also sure that if you decide to go ahead you will be happy.

With regards to delivery at this time, most systems are being shipped with 10 working days (2 weeks) with our Q-Jump optional available until early December.

If you do have any further questions then let us know and we will be more than happy to help.'


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Got my PC from Cyberpower Systems and they were great when I bought it. I sent them the details of the Arbico one, and they have agreed to price match them and give me a 3 year warranty!

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