Lookin g for a HTPC case


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This has probably been poseted before, but I don't want to dig up old threads.


I am looking for the above, but am lost on which one to choose.

I need it as a replacement case, as I'm going to be putting my current geqar in there, and get rid of this case I have.

It can be tall if it needs to be, about 20-30CM is fine. But It can't really be more than 25-26CM deep. (going on a shelf)

Am I asking for too much? I think I am.

Feedback and help is really really appreciated.

Thanks for reading.


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what board have you got - itx or matx? 25cm deep is a big ask for an matx case. Also as always whats your budget?

I have...(let me check, lol, I forgot as soon as you asked!)

I have an ASUS M4A78LT-M

So I dno what what that is, lol, sorry.

Budget would be as cheap as possible, but I know they can be around £50 which is a lot for me...but up to £70 maybe a tiny bit more is as far as I would go.


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mATX motherboard itself will be 24.5cm deep. Doesn't leave any room for the case! Lian Li V351 mounted sideways is 28cm deep and the motherboard goes almost edge to edge. Only problem there is you'll see all the cables going in the side :(


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should be ok - 216mm high could prove to be an issue with your cpu fan unless you're using a low profile one - just double check that you may need to replace the cooler.


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Low profile? I'm using the one it came with.

Cooler? Lol, i'm sorry, could water all this down for me please? :D I'm a bit slow with all this speak...


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Very similar to the design of the Lian Li ones I mentioned. They have the optical eject on the side and tiny bit larger.

Should fit the standard Intel / AMD fans. I'm using a similar case at the moment with and AMD x2 Athlon II with the standard heatsink and fan (aka "Cooler").


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Ah, I see...thanks for the reply, I think that will be the one then, but in black.

Off topic slightly, but I was thinking of unlocking the cores on my cpu (have same as you atm)

Problem would be with heat I think, what sort of fan would I need? Or a cooling system?

It's easier than starting a new thread, lol, plus am hoping for a short and sweet answer for the above case.

Thanks for all the help so far guys!

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