Lookign for a TV - contemplating LG 37LE4500


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Just got my student loan and in short I'm irresponsibly looking to buy a television! (Pointless elaboration: housemates are contributing £150 but as the tech-nerd I'm footing the rest and keeping it).

So yeah, I've stumbled across LG 37LE4500 (37", Edge LED, 1080p) but there's no geek-friendly reviews. I don't want uneven backlight issues - I have a horrible Hanns G 22" TFT right now, it's hazy on any dark scenes.

Would any of you guys recommend this? I know Samsung and LG are doing the whole bait-and-switch thing so I'm a bit apprehensive. Also it's LE4x so it's the budget series. I just want a good TV (preferably 37") but don't want to spend more than £350~. Hopefully those things aren't mutually exclusive.

Also it's mainly going to be used for HD stuff. We have consoles (360/PS3) that run in 1080p (game dependent) and lotsa 720p/1080p stuff =D.


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Hi schmoog

Heres a review of the lg 4900 from a well known review site basically the same bar i think freeview hd?

Up to this point, we’re getting pretty excited about the 42LE4900. It has the looks and features to be a potentially huge bargain. So it’s all the more devastating to have our hopes dashed on the rocks of some serious picture flaws.

The 42LE4900’s most immediately obvious and consistently aggravating problem is motion blur. As with the recently reviewed Sharp 37LDE320E, this finds motion with any source, though especially standard def tuner fare, looking smeary and indistinct. Inevitably, this distracts you from what you’re watching as well as frequently reducing the image’s sharpness levels dramatically - and the blurring seemingly can’t be removed by manipulating any of the provided picture settings

Unfortunately, motion blur isn’t the only problem the 42LE4900 has in common with the Sharp 37LE320E. It also suffers with that all-too-common edge LED issue of inconsistent backlighting. During dark scenes, you’re often aware of the way some patches of the screen look noticeably brighter than others.

Each of the four corners has a little inch or so of extra brightness, for instance. But worse are the four large splodges of inconsistency sitting nearer the screen’s centre.

With some TVs, you can remove or at least massively reduce these sorts of brightness inconsistency problems by cranking down the backlight. But even with its backlight at just 30 per cent - the low level actually selected by LG for its Cinema picture preset - the 42LE4900’s issues with backlight inconsistency remain.

might be worth looking at the lg ld490 (the ccfl version so without all
the backlight problems of edge led)

Hope i helped :)


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Oh. Poop.

I might do that. I was tempted to go for the Samsung LE37C530 but that apparently has a buzzing transformer which most reviewers find distracting.

Doesn't seem to be many sub £400 37" TFTs. Wondering whether to up my budget and be super-broke or downsize and go for the LE32C530 (which is a bargain and has a ton (227, Amazon) of good reviews).

Might be better to do the latter since TFT technology still isn't perfect and will probably be vastly improved in a few years I guess. Still wouldn't mind something bigger though.

If anyone has any suggestions; do share :)


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Personally speaking i would downsize and get the lg 32ld490
which has got good reviews :)

My nan has the samsung 32c530 and i had a play but struggled to get a decent
picture out of it (I had to do it will she wasnt looking as here son set it up and
left it way to bright so now anything less and she thinks its dull, but it gives me
a headache :() It also looks a little cheap in my opinion.

whats 5inches after all :D

Im going to get a new tv later in the year and im going form 32inch
and im not even thinking 37inch as 5inches isnt enough of an upgrade
in my opinion so going at least 40inch :)
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I'm going completely bonkers now. There's tons of TVs and they're pretty much all the same - and I have no idea of knowing what will be good or bad until it arrives really.

I'm thinking of just jumping the gun and buying something in my price-range with a preference towards whatever is cheaper since I have no way of knowing what the quality of the panel is like going by the reviews on Amazon "picture quality is great".

Might dig around some professional review sites, I'll go look tomorrow.

im not even thinking 37inch as 5inches isnt enough of an upgrade in my opinion so going at least 40inch :)

5 inches diagonally is a huge difference in my opinion. Unfortunately my housemates think 42" is way too big (with the other guy just saying "No." since it won't fit on my desk in the meanwhile, going by our measurements).

A shame since 42"ers aren't much more than some of the 37"ers.

I'll keep looking, but I'm probably going to buy something tomorrow or I'll go mad heh.


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I am starting to agree, as we have decorated the living room and moved the
tv and now at 32inch it looks bigger so now thinking 40/42 will be to big :(
Come back here tomorrow as i am going to google like made 37inch tvs
and see what i can find.

will look for sub £400 for you :)


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I'm now looking back at the panel I started with - the LE32C530.

Provided you get a good panel the backlight has really deep blacks according to *, measured it at 0.04 cd/m2 in their review. Two comments complain of some backlight bleed however. I guess this one's down to panel lottery.

I can always return it to Amazon... if that's the case my housemates will be rolling their eyes in amusement since I already moan about my monitor enough whilst they don't really care, not being nerds and all.


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Hi mate. Have you considered the Sammy le37b550? Its a cracking set. I've had mine for a year now and am still blown away by how good the picture can look.
Both my 360 and ps3 (gaming and blu ray) look fantastic. The sd freeview picture is also brilliant.

No backlighting issues, motion blur, buzzing etc. Sublime blacks.

The only downside is the sound isnt great but its not a deal breaker.

Check some reviews out. Top marks everywhere. 5 stars from What Hi-Fi etc.

Bang on budget from the Argos ebay shop here: http://************/6ych3fg

Good luck!

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