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Hi All,

I thought I'd share my setup with you. Samsung DLP 50". 3ghz P4 running MCE (and ShowShifter) connected via HDMI. Sky+. 1.85 Terabyte file server.

But since i like the minimal look all the equipment is in the cupboard under the stairs and all wires hidden under the carpet. There is also a remote sender hidden behind the TV which relays IR to the cupboard. A firewire DVD drive sits on a coffee table for playing movies.

I'm interested to know how many other people do this sort of thing to make their setup neat? And what idea's people have had for their own installations. Also what problems people may have had by remotely placing their equipment.

My last house everything was in the loft, including 5.1 amp, second digital sat system and file server. I relayed firewire, USB and IR to and fro. It took 4 years to get right then i had to move :-(



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WOW mate i'm mightly impressed :clap: I've just bought the same tv and to be honest it looks a downright mess around the tv with all the wires ect.

I'd love to sort it so all the wires are hidden like yours, i guess it's gonna be a long hard slog :rolleyes:

Dont suppose you live anywhere near Lincoln by any chance ;)




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:thumbsup: Definitely very impressive. :thumbsup:

Spaghetti Junction does not have a look in with what's lying around the back of my TV. If you're looking for another bit of practice (in Scotland) give me a shout any time.




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Sorry guys I live in Derby. Having done this in 2 houses now I've got a few ideas to help though.....

Allways use good quality cable for long runs so your picture and sound doesnt suffer.
If you have carpet with underlay its easy to hide cables. Lay all your cables side by side and tape them flat together. Cut out a section of underlay the same width next to the carpet grippers and foot by foot lay the cable down flat and tape it with carpet tape so its flat and attached to the underlay and gripper with the tape in the gap.
Use a video switcher by the equipment instead of using the TV to switch inputs, this means less wires to the TV.
Get a good ir extender (wired not RF) that can connect to all equipment individually and have just 1 pickup. This hides by the TV.
If you run a media PC to the TV instead of DVD player etc. you can get more options for playing video and you can have an external DVD player on firewire that can go on a coffe table or somewhere away from the TV.
Dont be scared to go through walls or under floorboards. Just keep it neat and dont break anything :)

A friend of mine still has all his equipment on display but its in a seperate cabinet away from the TV which make for a better looking living room.

Hope that helps.




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Must say my answer was, as I have no doubt you know, very much "tongue in cheek".

However, that does not take away from the fact that your set-up is extremely tidy - enjoy.

As to the information you have provided, many thanks for that.



p.s. If you're ever in Scotland .............................

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