Look for the mpeg HT1000

Pretty damning that it has been captured on an .mpeg.
These are very hard artifacts to photo so it is all the more convincing to see it on a moving picture.

Shame that NEC would not admit the existence of this artifact to you, as it might have then at least shown some hope of it being corrected.

The Sanyo Z1 and Sony HS10 do look nice though!

Ian Guinan


I am the guilty one.... :D

I saw the HT1000, I was VERY impressed. Looked awesome.
I also saw the "screen tearing"... some dude who was demoing it said it was because of some disturbance... electical or DVD player. No fokking way. It ACTUALLY looked worse IRL for me. On the mpeg I made it still shows... aweful...

I ordered the "budget" PJ. Sanyo Z1, I saw that one too. It is a very good PJ that little cute silver box. Super quality. lol

NEC, wtf are you doing... ?


Distinguished Member
Hmm does still seem like a pretty good projector of you use an offboard scaler/HTPC and feed is 60Hz only.

Shame I get rainbowitis.

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