Look at this: Denon DHT500SD - Obsolete!!!


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i'd say if you want it get it? Got mine this Wednesday and its pretty good :thumbsup: it doesnt bother me that its obsolete, I have it, it does what I want and all for £394. You may even find that the prices start to come down.




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Ive only quoted what I found on those 2 urls... and its the sites opinion, not mine. I might eventually end up with this one coz its good. This forum brings out the best individual opinions from each one of us.
I dont think its a stupid thread, but certainly a stupid reaction to it. Im sure you own one of these.

By the way, it cant play DVDAs, SACD and HDCDs!


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The Denon DHT500 is an excellent piece of kit but it's now over two years old - I think it's a testament to it's quality that it's had such a long product life span. I would imagine that Denon may possibly be replacing it with an updated model but still would highly recommend it. An excellent online retailer who will offer it with the multi-region upgrade and the best T&C's are Peter Tyson:


Hope this helps

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