Look at the specs of Mitsubishi HC2000-Wow!


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DVE Colour Wheel to Minimize Colour Break-up ("Rainbow Effect")

The dark video enhancement (DVE) color wheel reduces noise that causes the visible artifacts in the shadows of images. The 8- section architecture (two each of R, G and B, plus two dark-green) minimizes gray-scale slippage for more precise reproduction of truer blacks. Also, the variable speed Color Wheel provides you the best alternative for further enhanced image performance. 4x speed optimizes the linearity of the color graduation. 5x speed reduces the color breaking noise. The HC2000 is the first to offer this "audience friendly" function.

Ultra Low Fan Noise

Fan noise reduced to match the industry leading standard of 23dBA by utilizing a fully enclosed optics system, low-noise sirocco fan, adjustable exhaust duct and lining the interior with high-performance soundproofing material. (Low-lamp mode)

New Optics System

Optimizing the optical incidence design of the DMD chip enables production of a more compact internal reflector layout for the optics system. Careful consideration was given to the lens aperture of the HC2000 in order to improve reproduction of dark areas and achieve a darkness equivalent to that of 3-lens systems.

Shadow Correction

Movie buffs with an eye for detail have commented that a way to increase the level of blackness reproduced is needed,
as conventional brightness adjustment isn't enough. The HC 2000 is equipped with this unique function, making it possible for users to adjust only the darkness grayscale. The 5-step adjustment feature offers plenty of freedom to set darkness gradation to a level that brings out the desired image detail.

3600:1 Contrast Ratio - yes, 3600:1 !!!!!

Utilization of the newly developed HD2+ panel-on which mirror attachment points have been greatly reduced in size, mirror tilt angle increased from ±10 to ±20° and mirror backside coated applying HD2 dark-metal processing has resulted in a reduction in light diffusion and a tremendous improvement in brightness. Amazingly high contrast of 3600:1 enables the reproduction of images with stunning sharpness and life-like detail.

- 23dBA Fan noise !
- 700 ANSI Lumens
- 3600:1 Contrast Ratio !
- 1280 x 720 resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio
- 8 segment, 5 speed colour wheel !
- Metallic Finish
- Motorised Zoom and Focus
- Component Video (via shared BNCs or DVI-I), DVI (HDCP), RGBHV (via shared BNCs), S-Video and Composite Video Inputs
- 3 Year return to base warranty Included!

I hope it will have a very good price tag! The same level as say Benq PE8700+ would be so cool, but I'm probably dreaming. Its probably is Marants VP12-S3 price level.



Very very sweet indeed. 8 segment 5 speed colour wheel should be unreal. I wonder if this pj could do 6 speed for PAL based material?

23db, virtually silent, about 5 db more quiet than anything else on the market. The only thing I'd worry about the is the lumens, 700 pre calibration, what would it be like afteward? I'd like to see this up against the PE8700+ and Screenplay 7200.

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I've heard that adding the dark green segment reduces the light output quite a bit, and for the small improvement made to dark area dithering, it isn't as much of an advantage as it would seem.

Sim2 seem pretty much on the ball with developements like this, and if they aren't using it, it makes me wonder why.

IIRC, 5 x 50 for PAL is 250hz, and 4 x 60 for NTSC is 240hz which is close to the limit for DMD modulation, so 6x for PAL doesn't look possible at the moment. Anyone got a definitive answer about that for me?

No HDMI, but probably not a major issue at the moment.

Would still love to see one of these though. :)



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this is a clone of the optoma H77, but guess you all knew that anyway.

the price according to optoma will be as close as £5000 as possible. think optoma are aiming for £4999.

as for the contrast, take that with a pinch of salt, at that level the brightness will probaly hit 250 ansi, more realistic is somthing around 2500 as is the marantz S3 when calibrated (also quoted as max 3600CR)

could be good if they bring there optics up to the quality of sim2 and marantz


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Certainly at an attractive price point (price in Euro's here )- though as mentioned it will be interesting to see how the Optics are (also on board scaling/deinterlacing).

The point of brightness is interesting, the PJ shows simalar specs to the S3. Using my S3 as a guide (quoted as:- 3800 CR and 700 ANSI - maximum figures). I use my S3 on low lamp and Iris closed (which is therfore calibrated for maximum contrast) and find it about right in terms of brightness in my enviorment (light controlled room with a relativly small screen 5.5ft across left to right with 1.2 Gain). With this in mind it would be interesting to confirm if the PJ has user adjustable Iris and lamp positions? (though, it doesnt seem to mention in the Spec's).

Does look intersting though ..


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Cheers Gandley, I didn't know that Mitsu is a clone.

Optoma H77 will use 6 speed, and Mitsu 5, as well as Mitsu not being a big name in PJ's, that should mean a bit lower price for Mitsu, perhaps 4k? Like the situation of Toshiba making clones of Infocus, and again, Toshiba not having the big brand name as Infocus in HT, their prices are substantially lower.

Venom1969, just to inform Infocus are releasing 7205 may/june ;p

Now a shootout between machines, HT1100, PE8700+, 7205 and H77/HC2000 would be super.



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optomas version should be out in june.

it wont suprise me(and according to rumour) that the price may have to hit closer to 6K.

But if thay make there target this will be a great mid range entry and a few more people can get a native 720p projector.
Because at this level the images are stunning


Previously Liam @ Prog AV
I'll be seeing the projector on Monday so we'll soon know if the picture is as good as the spec says it is! (carefully selecting some demo DVDs now) Mitsubishi reckon they'll have an idea of price and availability by then too - should be less than a S3 and out soon!!!

[edit] Projector will be priced UNDER £5000, but isn't shipping until end of June [/edit]

Peter Parker

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Looking forward to your review!

As a comparison, what other projectors have you seen in that price range? I'm wondering how well it'll compare to the HD2 Sims.



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Owl have an open day for dealers tomorrow.
I'll try get over and see the new Mitsubishi.


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Well I spent the morning at Owl with Mitsubishi's Sales and Technical guys from here and Japan. Mainly boring "these are our plans for the future" speeches and the like but I finally got see it and I have to say it really is very good!!! What I don't understand is how it's possible to sell this kind of technology so much lower priced than the competition without being significantly flawed somewhere!!!

I've done a long review here:


Basically the 8 segment colour wheel does seem to reduce rainbow effect (took the Japanese engineers a little while to understand what the hell I was doing flapping my head around like a chicken to see them :laugh: )

The deinterlacing and scaling is definitely up to scratch and a better shootout would be: the IF 7205, the PD model one and the Marantz S3!! NEC HT1100 is beaten and so is the BenQ. I think at the price it has no competition, money no object i'm sure a head to head will reveal the subtler differences between this and others but all in all it's really rather good!! If it were a Matterhorn projector it would be the Sharp 200 rather than the HT1100, PD model five zero, Vidikron 20 etc

The projector isn't an OEM Optoma, it only shares optical engine with the Optoma. Asides from using Philips lamps, Trident deinterlacing and Pixelworks scaling everything else is pure Mitsubishi (and the'yre incredibly proud of it too).

Still no confirmed price, but £5000 seems likely. The first five or so units will hit our shores sometime in June and I think a couple of those will be going straight into demo rooms so should be easily available July time.

Peter Parker

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Sounds like a very nice machine.

You mention an 'auto iris'. Did you hear how that works and how much of an improvement to black level/contrast it made? Were any measurements made on the day?

Contrast sounds good, but I wonder how this fares post calibration. Were any ansi contrast figures mentioned? This is probably a more important figure to have considering that pure black is rarely used in movies, but good black detail within a scene is more common. This is one point where digital is now better than CRT.

Interested to hear Jeffs view on the machine.




Previously Liam @ Prog AV
I never looked at the IRIS function, just noted the technicians comment that it was there. I would imagine it is much the same as the Epson TW500 and adjusts itself as the settings require it.

Unfortunately there were no measurements made, my eyes told me it was an impressive piece of kit and they haven't lied to me yet!!!!

Black detail was high, don't remember any greyscale gradation figures being thrown around but the "Black Stretch" option really was able to dig deep into shadow detail. It's not one of those projectors where the spec sounds all well and good but on seeing it it's actually pants!! It does a very good job and at a very good price. I reckon the Z12000, MT800 etc might be able to get more black detail out, but not by much and at a price.

Right i'm off to play my newly acquired XBox (thank you Special Offer forum and Sainsbury's!!!)


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This Projector looks good!

Does anyone have any information about the optics - specifically the throw ratio??

Many thanks


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Answering my own question here!

According to Liam's calculations the throw ratio is an excellent 1.57 - 2.11 :eek: :thumbsup:

One in the eye for the "long throw" only manufacturers!! :thumbsup: :clap: :clap: :clap: :smashin: :clap: :thumbsup:


Previously Liam @ Prog AV
If you look at the pdf there's a chart of popular screen sizes (which is where I worked out the ratio from)

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