Longview - Mercury

Bristol Pete

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Can I please recommend this album to my fellow browsers.

Got it last week. A very very good album.

I cant pidgeonhole it but its a very mellow, melancholic album choc full of good tracks.

Worth a listen.



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Sorry to be a bubble-burster, but I dont agree. I heard 'Further' sometime last year and was enthused by what I had heard, but the rest of the album fades into insignificance.

One review I read amused me though, it read:

"Longview's album, Mercury, is a moody, sprawling and frequently beautiful debut, crammed full of terrific songs that mark them out as the best indie/rock act to come out of Manchester since the likes of The Stone Roses and Inspiral Carpets."

The Stone Roses! Seriously, was that guy having a laugh??!! :lease:

Longview's album is just one of about 100 average albums to come out of Manchester every year. They will join the likes of Haven in the bargain bin before too long...

Bristol Pete

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Fair enough.

Thats why I hate to pidgeon hole music as so many self appointed music critics have to compare something to something dont they.

I still like it :)

But the scissor sister album is better !



Originally posted by Floodedstatue

. They will join the likes of Haven in the bargain bin before too long...
Shudders :rolleyes:

They still push the 'baggy' scene and its gone. Every group is another Stone Roses :rolleyes: Im afraid I have the same opinion of Elbow :boring:


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Doves are the only promising thing to come out of Manchester recently......apart from David Beckham, if you believe the papers :censored:

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