Longstanding sky dish owner needs a new solution


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Hi all

I have been a sky customer since it began and have only ever had it via a dish (currently have Sky Q 4k service).

We will shortly be moving to a house with a decent broadband connection but no chance of getting a Sky signal a dish will pick up due to the trees blocking the signal so was wondering what my options are that will give me the accessibilty to sky channels I'm used to please.

Do all other options rely on the ability to stream everything through the internet?

Many thanks for your help.


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Have you had a professional confirmation about the lack of satellite signal.

I ask because the vertical angle to the satellite position is much higher than the angle of dishes seem to appear to some people.


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I haven't but the neighbour said he had to give up on his dish a while back because the trees interfered with his signal so much. The trees are huge and subject to TPO's so pollarding not an option unfortunately.


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Unfortunately not, no. I'm wondering if it might need to be a BT package including TV but not sure how their set top boxes connect up i.e. is it simply fed by the internet in the absence of a dish like Sky and would like to stay with a 4k solution if possible which i know they provide.

Many thanks


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Trees can adversely affect terrestrial reception as well as satellite. BT's offering is not much like $ky Q wrt to the channels afaik - especially if you are using multiroom. Do your own due diligence checks and go in with eyes wide open!

Use an app with a camera phone to see if there is line of sight to Astra 2E from somewhere on the site of the house? Don't simply rely on the neighbour's experience/statement. I use one called Satellite Dish Pointer by Foxsmith on my android phone.

Dishes can be sited remotely to the dwelling rather than on a wall or chimney etc.,. (although some sort of cable ducting/protection will be needed, plus a larger dish and/or lower loss cable). Such installs would not be via the normal $ky route though.

Ask $ky if/when they'll be able to offer a dish-free system that supplies what you need as streaming/internet downloads?

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