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Longshot - looking for a retro game


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I went to the history of gaming show last month (what a show that was) and came across a game I had when I was younger. It was a handheld space invaders game. It was while with a round black screen and a silver joystick. The gameplay was soooo addictive. Any ideas on where I could pick one of these up ?




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sounds like Grandstands "invader from space"

or if you bought it overseas it was made by epoch.


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had a search for you have a look here

they have it in stock if that is the one


The screen was shaped like a head and silver i know what he means i cant think of the name it came out the same time as simon says where you had to press green red and yellow in the righ sequence the computer showed you. I do know what the machine he meand its doing my head in it wasnt actually called space invaders it was like astreiods it wasnt starfox firefox soemthing like that cant remember


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your thinking of firefox-f7 I think,also by grandstand in the UK, but i dont think that is what monkey is thinking of.


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Mad.:D I used to have that game. I wonder what happened to it. :confused:

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