"Long Way Down" Helmet Headphones


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I've been contemplating listening to music on longer journeys on my motorbike for some time, but never really knew what would work under a helmet (I realise there are people out there that aren't comfortable with this idea!).

I thought that to be truly comfortable it would have to be some sort of gel type insert similar to those offered on Jabra Hands free headsets.

I noticed Ewan on the "Long Way Down" seemed to have a set of moulded earphones in some of the shots that he used presumably for listening on his ipod and inter-bike comms.

So firstly does anyone know what Ewan (and probably Charley and Claudio) used for their trip and secondly what is there out there in the moulded gel type earphones that isn't gonna break the bank (if anything at all).



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When I was looking for a local place to get my custom ear moulds done I was directed to a couple of local bike shops. As they do many sorts of ear plugs for protecting bikers from noise and for bike messengers radios they were all setup for doing the impressions. I was their first audio nut and non biker:)

My custom moulds were done by http://www.hearingprotection.co.uk/ they have a list of local dealers.

You could also ask you local bike shop.


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