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Any ideas please .....
I am trying to find a projector that will throw a distance of approximately 8Mtrs onto a screen which will be 231cm wide by 130cm high and in 16:9 format. I have managed to find some conference projectors with lens options but they are all 4:3 format and not really what i'm looking for.
Budget is around £4,000


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Had a quick look the only one i could find was the Sony Qualia-004 it will give you the throw and screen size your are looking for, unfortunately it is way out of your price range.



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Ouch - I had real problems finding something that would do 1.8m width at 4.5m throw.

Don't worry too much about 4:3 if everything else fits and the native resolution is good enough - I ended up 4:3 the alternative was no projector or a 480 line LCD projector.
With 16:9 stuff you can either use a 16:9 screen and 'over throw' the top and bottm or go 4:3. I built a 4:3 screen - the extra stuff top and bottom isn't as distracting as with a 'boxed' television and the screen width is the same either way. You also get a taller image for Playstation and football from internationals than you would without stretching 4:3 for a 16:9 projector :)
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