Long, thin HDMI cable (or two shorter cables connected by repeater)


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I need a cable approx 7m in length that's thin enough to fit in the gap between the gripper rod and skirting board under my carpet, then get round a corner. While I realised that excessive diameter could be a problem, I took a gamble on an Ivuna 7m as it looked relatively narrow in the picture, but of course found that it was a couple of mm too thick when it arrived.

Is there anything out there which will fit my needs? It'll have to be no more than 7mm in diameter I think, and the less the better.

My other option is to get a repeater device such as this or this and use two separate 3-4m runs, only one of them actually needs to go under the carpet and I might be able to get away with just 3m before it emerges but 4m would give me much more positional flexibility. Will this approach work provided that the two cables are independently capable of providing my required resolution (1920x1200 @60Hz) artifact-free, and if so, does anyone know of any suitable 3-4m cables? I'm sure there are some out there, at least up to 3m, but it would save me having to email retailers and ask for the diameter.

I'm actually running DVI to DVI for a PC monitor, but went for HDMI as it offers more options at lower prices for cables above 5m and all DVI cables seem to be very thick beyond a couple of metres. Are there thin 3-4m DVI cables out there too?


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I think it is the cable itself that is too thick for the OP, not just the head.
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