Long term shed roof material.


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I put my shed up in 2017 and it's about time I re-did the roof felt. The time has gone by fast and this time I want to do something that will last longer. The problem is there are options, lots of options!

20770020_10155126873774039_2853440033245991292_n.jpgshed roof.jpg

I've seen recommendations for EPDM rubber sheet but that the roof under the felt is strips of wood on individual frames and not really suitable for it so I would have to screw sheets of say OSB to the roof before gluing to that. Plus strengthen the roof timbers to take my 100kg weight up there as it's not up to that currently and I only needed to lean on it to put the felt on but the glue process seems to need you to actually climb up there. Not keen on climbing on rooves TBH.
Such as this one: Skyguard 12ft - 20ft Garden Building Roof Kit | Wickes.co.uk

Then there is this sort of shingles effect long term bitumen tiles. I quite like the idea of it as easy to install and good looking plus it has a 10 year guarantee.
This: Onduline Grey Roof Shingles 2m² - Pack of 14 | Wickes.co.uk

Then there is this metal type of roofing I found. It should be the longest lasting as it's steel and probably easier to do than gluing on the rubber sheet after adding sheets of OSB.
This corotile here: Corotile - Lightweight Metal Roofing Sheet - Charcoal (1140x860mm)

I'm going to make the roof stronger anyway having reinforced the sides and ridge with 2x2 and 3x2 previously when I was making shelves and bike storage. It was a little bit wobbly for my liking before that.

Any advice would be appreciated.




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I screwed some 9mm ply to my "slatted timber" shed roof and then applied and glued a sheet of EPDM to it. Easy job, much easier than felt and should see me out before it needs replacing!

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We have shingles on ours. Easy to fit, they will last (according to the blurb) for at least 15 years, and I can well believe it. You can get shingles with >30 year warranties!

Our roof timbers are 18mm thick, so plenty to hammer in to - if your roofing boards are thinner then you may need to overlay with ply or OSB first.

You can get some really great designs of shingles - they don't have to be boring diamond/square/rectangles.....



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It was dry this weekend when I was expecting rain so I decided to get it sorted as this might be the last dry weekend for weeks. I went to Wickes to get felt, saw the skyguard EPDM and bought that instead. They had me at 20 years guarantee and easy installation.


So it's on and glued, not too difficult and it probably took longer too take all the nails out of the old felt than gluing the new rubber sheet on. Now I need to sort out some trim for the edges. The wood finials that came with the shed are thin and I never bothered using them. Painted wood won't last all that long so maybe UPVC but not sure TBH.

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