Long Shot: Lasagne recipe


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I have this mad craving for Lasagne. I have never made my own before but I shall be doing so tomorrow.
I see there are a couple of variations on the cheese sauce:
1) Ricotta, Parmesan, Parsley and an egg
2)Bechemel sauce

I quite like the idea of 1) as it is nice and easy to make.

Has anybody made their own? Have you tried both variations?Which is nicer...I know thats subjective, just looking for opinions.


We make our own, all the time. Shop bought is just sh....rubbish!!

Go with the real block of Parmesan, none of your processed rubbish, only way to be sure. :)

With this on the top, Béchamel sauce is just fine.

Love my home made Lasagne, one of our most favoured meals :thumbsup:
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Have you ever tried the ricotta mix?

Also, can this be frozen once cooked? If not, is it OK to keep in fridge for a couple of days?

Oh, and agree about the Parmesan, can't beat the fresh stuff


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Axel40 is right. Don't by that pregrated stuff in the plastic tubs - might as well be sawdust. If you have a slow cooker, make your red sauce in it in the morning, then leave it for the day until you are going to make your lasagne.


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Sauce is made. Will make lasagne tomorrow


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I've finally learned my mum and dads recipe.

Make a bolognese sauce.

Hard boil 4 eggs and chop them up

Grate fresh Parmesan

A couple of bags of pre grated mozzarella (500g)

Chop some cheddar into small cubes.

Fresh pasta sheets

Do a layer of sauce at the bottom of the dish (think the dish we use is about 40x40x10cm). Then a layer pasta, thin layer of sauce, a layer of the cheeses and egg and another layer of pasta, repeat to the top of the dish finishing with cheese at the top.

Put in a preheated oven for about 45 minutes at 180
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Have you tried both variations?Which is nicer...

Both are very good. The Ricotta/Parmesan mix will give you a lighter fluffier sauce, I wouldn't say one is better than another. If you have two smaller dishes why not try both for comparison?

The Bechamel sauce variation (if you have not made it before) is easy, just don't put too much milk in the butter/flour mix in one go as you're cooking the flour - just gradually feed the big white doughy blob with splashes of milk until you get a good consistency on sauce. Do this and you wont get lumps. Don't worry about the quantity of milk you need the sauce will tell you that (quite often much more milk than you'd expect). I like to add a mix of strong Cheddar, Parmesan and just a whiff of grated nutmeg.

Good luck.



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I find bechamel sauce too sickly. Usually use a supermarket brand fresh 3 cheese pasta sauce.


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I have assembled the lasagne, used Ricotta/parmesan mix .
Should I leave it until I am ready to eat it later today?
Or should I cook it for half hour or so, and then cook it again later?

It is quite a big dish, probably good for six meals, so will be used over two days(if its edible :) )


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I would stick it in the fridge and cook it when needed myself


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Yeah, thats what I have decided to do . Fingers crossed!!! It looks the part, as do most of the things I make, its just the taste department that lets me down LOL


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i leave my lasagne overnight in the fridge to set up , find it is less sloppy when cooked that way :smashin:

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