Long shot! Beovision 6


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'morning all!

Has anyone here got a Beovision 6/had a lot of experience with it? Is it worth getting right now or waiting for B&O to bring out a new set? (This post is purely B&O specific if that's ok, I know about the latest Panasonics etc etc, but this is a curiousity post :) )

Is it HD Ready now? I remember a while back going to a B&O store and it wasn't, but I haven't heard anything since. Would be surprised if they haven't updated it all though...

Edit: Are there any differences between the 22 inch and 26 inch? Except the size :p




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there is no 'new' set coming.
there is a new 40' lcd coming any day now, which is around £8000.
looks the same as the 32'. ( reponse time of 10m/s)
is it worth it ?


As I remember the press release at Reuters at work B&O will release more LCD products next year (cheaper models).

Personally I think the picture quality is not so good (price/quality). My brother and my parents have the two models and I have seen them compared to other LCD's in shops. I think their technolygi is too old now compared to other manufacters.

I love their design and myself have normal B&O TV-set at home and thougt of getting one of the LCD's myself.

I have instead decided to buy a Loewe Spheros R 32 +Digital Recording included. The panels are totally new, new technolygi and EPG included and so on - and the design is GREAT. (see www.loewe.de).

Denmark (B&O's homecountry)


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Thanks a lot for that mo and fauken :)

It wasn't an imminent purchase but it's nice to keep to date with this stuff. I think I'll wait a little while longer to see what they come up with.

Pity about the BV6 because it truly is gorgeous :(




Found the information i talked about. Sorry not from Reuters but from Danske Equities (division of Danske Bank - Denmarks largest bank where I am imployed). It is part of a Stock valuation report in August:

"2. Secondly, thanks to the product launches on the visual side (flat screens) in
2004/05, Bang & Olufsen is going into 2005/06 with a strong product portfolio,
which should help it to exploit the strong replacement cycle. Moreover, it is planning
a number of interesting product launches in 2005/06 that should again provide oneoff
“window filling revenues” and also fill key gaps in the product portfolio. We
specifically believe the launch of B&O’s new flat screen family (towards the end of the
financial year), which will address lower price points, is an important launch
(especially in more mature and highly penetrated markets), and BeoSystem 3 (global
high-quality TV platform), which is due for launch in H2 05/06, will be key in filling
the gap in the US and Japan. Other launches include: a 40-inch version of the
successful BeoVision 7 (32-inch LCD screen launched last year), due in Q2;
BeoSound 4, a new music system in the lower price point scale, due in Q2; and
BeoLab 4 loudspeakers, also priced attractively and due in Q2. Other minor launches are BeoSound 3 (Q2 launch of a portable music system), BeoMedia (Q3), BeoLink
Wireless 1 (Q4), and a new telephone concept (Q2)."


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