Long scart cables needed. Which ones?


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Jan 27, 2010
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This is my first post, so please forgive me if this has been asked before. I am having building work done, and need to have some TV cables buried in the wall. I am looking at 4 HDMI cables, 2 scart leads, and some aerial cable. I reckon that the leads will need to be about eight metres long each.
I have previously used cheap 3m scart leads that were not insulated very well, and am worried about burying horrid scart leads, so: My question is, can you please recommend a budget scart lead that is about eight metres long, and doesn't cost a fortune?
I have read a What TV magazine that recommended Thatcable for the HDMI leads, but I am uncertain about long scarts.
Any sensible advice would be very welcome. :hiya:
I've got a 10m scart under the floor for SD Sky to another room. bought it from TVCables Audio Cables Video cables HDMI Cables DVI cables Home Cinema & Hi-Fi.

This is the one I got 10m Round Cable Scart Lead Only £16.49 at TVCables

TVCables even give a 10% discount using voucher code AVF10 although I did find the postage a little high for just single items but if you get a lot of stuff (and 10m cables are surprisingly heavy and bulky) then the next day courier delivery option actually becomes quite reasonable.

All in all well recommended (both the cable and supplier :) )

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