Question Long HDMI problems - works at first then stops


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Help needed please...

I have recently had professionally installed a home cinema.
Amp: Onkyo TZ-RZ730
Projector: Optoma UHD51
The two sources are a PS4Pro (4k/60Hz) also a Blu-ray player which normally runs at 1080p.

The cable needs to be 15m as it will have to run through the ceiling.

I have now tried many many many cables and need some guidance as to how to proceed further.

I first tried a couple of cables from Ebay. Worked fine with the Blu-ray but could only carry a 1080 signal from the PS4.

I then, having read good reviews, tried the Amazon Basics cables with Redmere. This worked well for about a week but after a week these were only fine with the Blu-ray but nothing at all with the PS4 (i.e. "No Signal" displayed from the projector)

I have just tried a Fibre Hybrid HDMI cable made by a company called UGreen (bought on Amazon). Cost was just over £100. This was working brilliantly at first with great picture from the Blu-ray and a full 4k/60 picture from the PS4. I tried two cables and both did the same

However, after a couple of hours or so of playing on the PS4, every 5 minutes or so, the picture drops for about 3 or 4 seconds before it comes back up again. Normally it comes back up as before but sometimes it comes back up with a much reduced level of brightness (note the projector menus are still full brightness but the image itself is dimmer). I have tried it directly from the PS4 to the Projector and the same thing happens so I don't think it is the amp. And it doesn't happen with the Blu-ray with a 1080 signal.

Please advise: Should I try ever increasingly expensive HDMI cables or should I run it over Cat6 instead?



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I looked at the UGreen cable and it does not have a very good track record of success. After talking to Joe at TMF I bit the bullet and bought a 10m RuiPro. Works flawlessly. Worth the £200 that it cost. I think that most people who have bought RuiPro's will concur that this is the cable to buy if you want a Hybrid Fibre cable.

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Over CAT is limited in term of 4K UHD vs. Fibre or Hybrid Fibre in that the 'Over CAT' solutions currently must use some form of compression for the highest bandwidth signals.

We find our RuiPro solutions to be very stable.



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Thanks both. I have just ordered a 15m RuiPro HDMI cable (2 actually as I never want to have to lift the floorboards ever again!) and keeping fingers crossed.

An alternative would just be to get my son off the PS4 before 2 hours is up, but let's be honest, that's not likely to happen!


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