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Long HDMI or Cat6.. Help please..


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Hi all, apologies if this has been asked but I have searched the forums and can't find exact answer. I am new to this and really could do with some advice. Recently bought a new 4K tv and I need to connect my TiVo, Roku3 and DVD player I have an under floor conduit to run cables however my problem is the 3 boxes that I need to connect are around 12metres away. I've read that HDMI is not advisable over 8metres, I've read up on these hdmi to Ethernet boxes (is it baluns?) and use cat6 cable however would I need to buy 3 of these - 1 for each device ? I'm concerned that behind my TV which will be wall mounted I will need 3 boxes ?
Any help and assistance you can give me would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance
Terminology first :)

The boxes are usually called HDMI over Cat5/6 extenders (baluns is also used but dont like that as its an old term meaning balanced unbalanced) . HDMI over Ethernet is a different thing though again some still use the term (incorrectly).

To connect three devices you would normally have either a HDMI switch (3 in 1 out) or an AVR amplifier with multiple HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI output.

Then a HDMI over Cat6 Transmitter with a Cat6 run to the TV location then a HDMI over Cat6 receiver to convert back to HDMI.

We always recommend a standard called HDBaseT for HDMI over Cat5/6 extenders as we have found it to be the most reliable and only uses one cat6 cable.

The professional HDMI over Cat6 extenders we use also support POC (power over cable) so no power outlet needed at the receiver end, they also support Infrared pass back so you can send infrared signals from the receiver down the same cat6 cable back to the transmitter and then onto your source devices (useful if the source devices are behind you as otherwise you have to point the remote behind you). However they come at a price £199+VAT

We do have some cheaper models without the POC element (they still have the Infrared pass back) at £79+VAT .

The three way HDMI switch would be around £37+VAT, be wary of ones that are unpowered as all external HDMI devices should have their own seperate power supply.

I hope that helps


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Thanks very much for your detailed reply very helpful.
Think this makes more sense than running 3 long hdmi cables. Could you please let me know your address so I can make an order. Just one quick question the HDMI switch do they automatically display the active source, just wondering if both the TiVo and Roku box are on would you have to manually switch them on the switch? I know the DVD player is generally off when not in use but the Roku box is always on standby.
Sorry if this is a stupid question, I'm just trying to make this a simple as possible for the wife and children... And me !!!
Though the switches are automatic, switching doesnt always work with sources that are on permanently (even in standby) so you would need the remote .

I have also PM'd you the ordering details

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Probably a bit late to the party by the looks of it, but I have a 15m cable that I run between my AV amp and the kitchen TV. Works perfectly for me on 1080i/1080p. Not sure how it would fare with a higher bitrate with 4k. There are some HDMI leads which have an inbuilt-inline amplifier, also known as "Active" type leads.

Similar lead to mine:-

And an active one: (with a thin cable for easier runs)

Cable Power ThinWire-15m 15m Thin Wire HDMI Active

Maybe worth a punt and return them if they don't work?

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