Long HDMI or Cat6 for 3D?


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hi all

i am just about to move house, and about to instruct an electrician as towhere all my new gear is going, and want to futureproof my cabling from my amp/bluray to my Projector. 3D is a requirement.

what would be best cat 6 ( would 1 or 2 be needed) or a High speed HDMi cable?

i have a good quality 10m hdmi lead at the moment, but its very thick and does not bend very easily and installing it would be tricky.

any info would be much appreciated.

Joe Fernand

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High Speed is recommended for 3D - though it's not mandatory as there are no passive High Speed cables at 10m!

There are more flexible (thinner) active cables rated as High Speed at 10m - though you then run the potential for handshaking problems with the active electronics'

Your current cable with a short flexible 'port saver' may be a good option!

Whatever way you go ensure you have a backup (conduit and or 2x CAT6) in place!


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