Long HDMI cables - can't find any!

Richard Harnwell

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I've got a Pioneer 668AV DVD player and was planning to purchase a Sony HS20 projector. This will be ceiling mounted.

The obvious way to connect these is a HDMI cable, but I hadn't realised what a problem this was going to be until now. The cable length required will be a little over 10m. I might just be able to manage with a 10m cable, but even this length seems impossible to source. Surely many people with the new HDMI capable projectors ceiling mount them, and if so, the cables required will surely be always longer than 5m (the longest I can find)!

Is there a technical problem with this length? If so, it seems rather poor considering my current 11m runs of component cables show no degradation....

Joe Fernand

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Hello Richard

The hardware manufacturers launched ahead of schedule and the cable companies are trying to play catch up.

So far a couple of companies have 'talked' about 10m+ HDMI cables - but not actually delivered as yet.

We should have 9.0m cable in the near future from BetterCables but so far no fixed delivery date.

One current option is to use two shorter cables (HDMI to DVI) plus a DVI switch or Hub - we use/supply the Gefen HDTV units and these work very well in conjunction with the BetterCables cables but it does cost a fair bit of cash.

Best regards


PS Using an active Switch or Hub like the Gefen HDTV units (which include a signal regenerator) is probably going to be the norm for anything much over 15m anyway - and HDMI cables over 10m look like they will cost a fair chunk of cash.

Richard Harnwell

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Thanks Joe.

It sounds like my best bet will be to use (my existing) component cables for now, and keep an eye out for when the longer HDMI cables start becoming available.


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