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I've seen a number of threads suggesting that long HDMI cables are not very good at transmitting signals and that instead cat6 should be used. However, I haven't seen any recent threads discussing the current availability of long HDMI cables, and there seem to be many.

I'm looking to connect a Sky+ HD box to two TV's, one of which is situated some distance from the Sky box and will required a 17m HDMI cable, which I intend to install in the wall (behind the plaster board) so it is out of sight. Obviously, this means I need to be sure the cable will work and continue to work for a long time. I will also need a good HDMI splitter.

Can anyone recommend a good quality 17m HDMI cable that would work for me? For example, what would be wrong with this one:

17m HDMI 1.4a Cable - Super Speed S3

Should I go active HDMI? If so, recommendations please.


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‘For example, what would be wrong with this one:´- for a start all the techno babble is just that!

HDMI version numbers were outlawed by HDMI.org as far back as Jan 2012!

HDMI :: Manufacturer :: Trademark and Logo

HDMI comes in two ‘speed’ ratings – Standard and High Speed.

HDMI :: Manufacturer :: HDMI 1.4 :: Finding the Right Cable

Adding ‘super’ to High Speed is just to confuse you – at best the cable has been rated as a Standard Speed cable, though more likely it’s never been sent in for certification as a 17m cable assembly!

A conduit to allow you to replace the installed cable is the only way to future proof your system.

High Speed certificated cables top out at 8m so 17m is way past where you can say any cable will always work – plus cables can and do fail mechanically.

Single or Dual CAT6 is far more stable and you ought to run those alongside any 17m cable your want to install.

'Active' brings its own set of potential problems as we move towards HDMI 2.0 and higher bandwidth Ultra HD' - you cant upgrade/replace the active components of a cable like you can with HDMI over CAT extenders.



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Thanks for the information Joe.

I confess I have noticed a number of recommendations from you on avforums about using cat6 cable and extenders rather than long HDMI cables, but I assumed these were old posts and the reliability of HDMI cables had improved.

I'm reading about a lot of people having no problems using long cables (17m+) and using the Cableson 1x2 powered HDMI splitter.

As I need to run cable to two TV's from one Sky+ HD box and have remote control at the 2nd TV I was looking at using this splitter along with coaxial cable and TV-links to provide the remote control.

If I were to use cat6, which system would you recommend? I notice Neet have a reasonably priced system, which requires two cat6 cables and it can optionally include IR control. This would allow me to forget about running a coaxial cable from the Sky box to the 2nd TV and the i/o converter required for the new Sky boxes. I suspect I will still require an HDMI splitter. I assume two cat6 cables are required due to the amount of data to be transferred?

Would this be my setup:

Aerial -> Sky+ HD -> HDMI splitter -> TV 1 (short HDMI)
-> Neet Extender -> 2 x cat6 -> Neet Extender -> TV 2 (short HDMI)​

I would optionally have an IR probe installed to allow remote control from TV 2.


Joe Fernand

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