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Long delay before Sky can do repair?


Established Member
Is it normal to have to wait two weeks for Sky to do a repair especially as the repair a week previous failed?
They replaced a Samsung box with a Thomson box which only lasted a week. Cannot believe that we have already had 4 faulty boxes in less than a year. Getting concerned now that when the warranty expires we will continue to have problems.
Is this a ploy by Sky to get you to sign up to thier extended warranty?


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Yes had the same problem engineer couldn't turn up because of the weather,then rearranged for 2 weeks later not impressed..........


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i dont understand why it took them 4 weeks to install my skyhd the engineer literally lives on the corner of my street!!!! i can see his van from my window lmao

Tight Git

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i dont understand why it took them 4 weeks to install my skyhd the engineer literally lives on the corner of my street!!!! i can see his van from my window lmao

If I had an installer that close, I'd be having a quiet word with him...

(Wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more. ;))


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Ha ha, you accepted a "refurbished" Thomson box, despite all the discussions about it, here?
At the time I had no choice as I was told that is all he had on his vehicle and if I wanted another box I would need to wait two weeks. It was a case of accepting the Thomson or waiting another 2 weeks for them to call around. This time I have stressed that I do not want a Thomson box and have made sure that they have the message as I phoned back later and queried it and there was a note.
I have an old Sky Digibox which I am using but I cannot operate it with the remote which is a version 6 the normal black old style Sky remote. I know for sure that the box is not faulty. I have the box linked in with a scart lead and using one of the feeds from the quad LNB into the box. I am beginning to suspect that it is this feed that is preventing me from using the remote as I cannot fathom out any other reason as the remote can operate the TV.


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Over Xmas I tried to arrange an engineer visit for a faulty Sky+HD box - was told the first date available was 2 weeks later, in January. Accepted as didnt really have a choice.

Next day I phoned again, just to change the visit from AM to PM and hey-presto they had loads of dates available only 2 days later. Go figure... that's Sky CS for you... :facepalm:


Standard Member
Phone your local independent!

Customer phoned over xmas as Sky had told him ten days wait; went along strapped a ladder in because of the ice and poured warm water over the dish and then coated it in anti-freeze. Signal back on for the customer ten days sooner and £35 cheaper than Sky.

Another customer phoned a few months back complaining that Sky had charged his elderly mother £65 and switched for a refurb box even though it had only been put in a few months earlier, but that the Sky still wasn't working.
I diagnosed the problem fairly easy; the F connector was still attached to the box, the cable however wasn't.

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