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Hi Guys,

Does anybody know where I may be able to buy a very long component cable and if possible one that has all three cables within a plastic sheaf so that I can run this up through my drainpipe into my loft room ..

Is there such a cable available ..


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Try this : http://stores.ebay.co.uk/TM3CONNECTIONS

just got a 1 metre 7710A component cable an it was only about £10 more than I could have bought the parts and cable for (didnt have the crimp tools though) The cable is very nicely made and he does long lengths, very similar to Mark Grant cables that get good recommendations on these very forums.

Cant say that the pic quality is any better than my old homebrew version but it is much neater..........have you considered making your own??

Joe Fernand

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Hello Pootah

Do you mean to actually run the video (+ audio I presume) cable in your external drain pipe with water flowing down the pipe???


Joe Fernand

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Hello pootah

Unless you live somewhere 'tropical' you'll need to ensure the cable is sub zero rated - which many 'Home Theatre' cables wont be.

I guess too you'll want to ensure none of the water can 'run' down the cable into your AV sockets.

If the cable exits the 'pipe work' and is exposed to sunlight you'll also need to ensure its UV stable.

Best reagrds


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