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Guys, I have an unavoidable 15 metre run in a hifi chain. Long story. Two options, either a 15mtr pair of XLR cables from pre to power OR 15mtr pair of speaker cables power amp to speakers. Either choice will be reasonable quality (£500 to £1000 budget)
I am leaning toward xlr because I think signal loss will be better than a 15mtr speaker run due to the electrical current consistancy.

Any views?
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The balanced interconnects would be my choice. As it happens, I run a pair of 10m Audio-technica cables between my pre and power amps. Cost was just over £20 for the pair.
My understanding is that spending far more on balanced cables tends to reap lower rewards than when spending it on more normal phono cables.


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XLR definitely, you can always decouple the earth connection if it causes problems.


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I'd go for decently thick speaker cable, unless you have fully balanced kit. Converting to balanced and back again may be detrimental to the sound.

My fronts use 10m of speaker cable, my left surround over 20m. I use 2.5mm OFC, which would work out to around £60 +/- for your 30m, and leave you some money for buying some music - which is what audio is all about anyway.

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