Long cable from AV eqpt to LCD TV?

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by Aidan, Nov 7, 2005.

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    I'm buying an LCD or plasma TV, but room layout dictates that all AV eqpt must go on other side of room, which is about 8m cable run away. I was looking at TVs with separate media box (e.g Sharp LC32-GD1E) but choice is limited/uninspiring and not all have long enough cable.

    Does anyone have any suggestions please for connecting the AV eqpt together and then running to TV in a single (or few as poss) 8m long cable(s)? Would something like a Joytech AV center be the answer, connected to TV with a 10m scart? I figured I should avoid IR video senders, assuming that picture quality will be poor.

    The AV eqpt will include new freeview/HDD/DVD recorder, HDMI-equipped DVD player, trusty old VHS and 2-channel stereo amp (not yet moved up to surround sound!). If I buy an HDMI-equipped DVD player, would a separate 10m HDMI lead be likely to improve picture quality to justify the extra £100?

    All ideas/comments would be much appreciated.

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