London 2012 was amazing on Viera, should I buy one to spare?

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by JohnyK, Feb 20, 2014.

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    I'm going to vacation every year, but London 2012 on top Viera model 50VT50 was so amazing experience that I'm still thinking on it.

    VT50 was the model with "one glass" (I don't know how they called it in english) and the black was deep like a black hole. The "one glass" was additional layer of glass in front of the panel and it also cancelled buzzing, what is issue on another models (I mean buzzing directing to the front, to the viewer, buzzing from the back of TV is not a big issue).

    One problem wasthere - the "one glass" has really hard antireflex filter (to make the picture so amazing) and viewing angles was very low. In my living room I was unable to watch VT50 from my desk (aroung 40 degrees angle) because picture was dark, also playing Playstation with the Move controller, when you standing over TV was a problem, because you saw almost dark screen.

    Because of that when I had a chance, I exchanged it for GT50, it's the same except it has less hard antireflex).

    Now my question is: VT50's piture, blacks, colors, it's far away from GT50, and because Viera plasma is ending production, should I buy one VT50 to spare? Or do we have another TVs with so good picture? I never had a chance to watch an OLED TV (checking it in shops is not enough), is that technology ok now, or still has issues with blue color? And is the price of 50" OLED comparable with Viera plasma?

    many thanks

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