Logitech Z906 + Xgimi horizon pro = no surround?

As the title states I have a Xgimi horizon pro projector and a Logitech Z906 sound system that I've connected using an optical toslink cable.

In the projector sound options I can choose SPDIF or ARC as output and PCM or auto as output format.
I've set these to SPDIF and auto.

But I can't get true surround to work.
Is this an incompatibility issue or is something not working as it's supposed to?

I downloaded some test files and the way I have things set up right now allows surround when it's dts, dts-hd and dolby digital. But not dolby trueHD.
I've got some files that (afaik) are AAC-LC which don't play with surround. And the apps on the projector (amazon prime, netflix) won't play surround either.
Hope this info helps anyone with more knowledge on the subject.
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Welcome to the Forum.

If your sound source is the PJ, a subject I've no knowledge of, that is connected via digital optical then you will not get any HD audio at all. Optical is limited to SD lossy Dolby Digital 5.1 as an absolute maximum.

Amazon Prime and Netflix both broadcast with a maximum of Dolby Digital Plus (along with any Atmos metadata) which needs a HDMI connection. Optical cannot accommodate DD+ nor Atmos.

You don't say where you've downloaded the test files from but find it confusing is you say you are getting DTS-HD which is not possible via optical, a format which again needs HDMI.
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I got the files from here;
The top 2 files play with surround.

Here only the first one plays with surround, the 2nd one doesn't.
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I'm not great with those file types but with what you are saying the DTS files and being decoded from the DTS lossy, giving you the surround option. The Dolby is simply playing a stereo track as you will be be getting any HD audio at all via the optical connection.

Checking on the Logitech I don't believe it is capable of decoding anything higher than the standard SD audio formats of Dolby and DTS. I stand to be corrected.
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