Logitech Z5500 and XFI Problem, PLEASE HELP


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Hi guys, I need help, before I go bald from pulliung all my hair out.

Recently bought myself a brand spanking new pair of Logitech Z5500's with a Creative X-FI, so I was well Happy!
Got it all set up, and did the 5.1 surround test (left front, middle, Front Right, back left, back right, subW)
and it all seemed fine and dandy.

Yesterday at work, I remotely connect to my PC to "tweak" a couple of things, but when i came home and flicked on
a DVD ... the centre speaker, and the back speakers didnt work (hear the ambient sounds but not when the characters talk)

**Yes it's set to 5.1 in the creative settings, aswell in system and on the control unit, also, yes the speaker volumes are
all set correctly, yes the DVD is'nt bought in the Tesco parking lot :p**

To sum it up, I have gone through every setting imaginable, in the creative options thing, the Logitech input settings
I even did a System restore to last friday, when everything worked fine.

* Yes the its plugged in right
* Yes I updated drivers for the hell of it
* Yes I have swapped the normal cables, and used a coax to minijack cable

The "best" I got it to be... is that now I can hear Left Front, Middle, Right Front ... BUT ... when it does the rear
speaker tests, the sound comes from the front speakers! (rear right comes through front right etc!!)

I Re-enabled the onboard sound and disabled the sound card ... now unfortunately I dont have any tool to check the
channels like in the creative suite has, so I cant rule out hardware error (which i seriously doubt it is).

If ANYONE with the same set-up as me can give me some advice, I would be in your dept forever, since it's driving me loopy.
If ANYONE who doesnt have the same set-up... but might have a clue... please feel free, since I'm all out of ideas.

Thanks in advance

ps: if you would like to add me to msn, please feel free [email protected]
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