Logitech X-530 (5.1) Questions and Subwoofer Questions


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I've currently got a set of Logitech X-530 speakers, and for the £40 I paid they're superb.

However, I've moved into a ground floor flat with wooden flooring and my lovely neighbour has taken a disliking to me and complained twice about noise. This is before I got a chance to bring my separates in and before I got chance to even turn the X-530's on, they're not exactly loud!

Obviously the X-530's don't have an option to disable the sub, so I've actually butchered the connections to the sub which has completely killed the bass, more so than I'd have liked.

Are there any decent/cheap/value for money 5.1's out there with an option to kill the sub? Disconnect the sub? I'm guessing not as they're all mainly Active which require the sub for power...

What I really need is some nice 5.0's (if they exist), or some good speakers which have decent woofer/tweets and no sub.

I currently run my x-530's on my xbox, mac, tv, cable box and ipod...

What options do I have?

Could I fit an on/off switch to the sub that I've disconnected?


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Well if you liked the x-530's as alot and thought they offered you good sound quality you could already go for the updated x-540 which has a control panel which can control the master and the bass volume seperatly.

The next one up is the G51 which is slightly more powerful and quite the bit more and can control sub, centre, surround and master.

Although you must understand that those speakers you have now and the ones above are not real surround sound. The top two there can emulate surround sound with their matrix options otherwise its just Stereo x2 like the 530.

The only logitech speakers which have proper surround sound are the Z-5500.

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