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I was really curious to try a Harmony 890 remote as the look appealed to me so I purchased one off of EBay for a good price.


I thought I had made a purchase mistake because it didn't come with the USB cord which is different than those used by the 650 and 665 remotes. I luckily found one kicking around the home. I needed to download a version of the Harmony software that differs again from the one used to program the 650 and 665 remotes. I played with it but it looks like the device library isn't as up to date as it is for the 650 and 665. It couldn't find the RX-A3060 so I had to cludge it. I had to get used to this interface as it had some quirks but I started to see the similarities between the new and old s/w interfaces. The 650/665 do have a far nicer feel and balance to it than the 890.

The 650 remote that spends time at the trailer is has lost the functionality of the buttons that flank the display screen and I noticed the 650 remote in the basement setup is also starting to go. I have about 6 650/665 remotes as back up but I didnt want to dig into that pile. So I spent the morning and part of the afternoon today to copy the functionality of the 650 which controls my bedroom setup into the 890. That 650 is working flawlessly BTW. The 890 will surplant it and I will use the freed up 650 to replace the 650 in the basement. The older basement 650 will be used to replace the 650 for the trailer. I will try to see open the broken 650 and see if I can fix the broken 650. I'd be happy to receive any hints in how to repair them.


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I repaired one of my Logitech remotes. I ordered the button repair kit off of Ebay and followed this Youtube link.

It worked out really well and I've now have a working remote added to the stockpile.

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