Logitech Harmony H655 Woo Hoo !!!!

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Control & Remote Controls' started by Ikki, Nov 1, 2004.

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    I have finally found a remote that does all I want of it.

    Thanks to those guys who previously reported on it, Horny and others. :clap:

    I have been through a number of universals including the original Pronto and the awful Kamelion but have not been able to find one that will handle everything in the way that I want it to.

    What I like about the H655 is that most functions are handled by hard keys that actually say what they do. Other less used keys are handled by the soft keys and LCD display. The internet programming interface is a bit slow and clunky, they would be better with stand alone software that could be updated from the web a la Pronto.

    The only real issue that I have at the moment is not with the remote but with the Pace DTR730 On Digital box. When the Watch Pace button is pressed everything turns on OK, but the AV2 input for the Pace is never selected. If the Humax PVR is on, AV3 is selected. If the Humax is off, the analogue tuner is selected. It seems to be an problem with the Pace box, that it is not issuing the correct signal through the scart to say that it is on. I swapped inputs with the Humax, but the behaviour did not change. If anyone has any ideas? I will replace the Pace but not before a twin tuner PVR with a working smart card slot is available.

    n.b. The US version of the H655 is the H659, they also have an H676, the H680 seems to be their version of the H688. I could not find anyone stocking the H688, but the button layout seems to be better on the H655. :boring:

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