Question Logitech Harmony and Yamaha DSP-1


Can anyone help me set up this device with my Logitech Harmony 1100? Using the Remote Software I add the device and the commands are wrong. It thinks it's a AV receiver, only giving me 0-9, Vol +/-, and input buttons. I do not have the original remote to have it learn the IR commands. The website says that it is a supported device. I tried adding it as a receiver and as an amplifier, both give the same set of commands.

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Given that the DSP-1 is 35 years old, I am amazed that it works at all. I think that the website is a typo and they meant the DSP-A1, which was a 7 channel AV Amp from 1998 which would align with your findings. Your best bet maybe this

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Yeah I figured it was pulling the DSP-A1 remote info. I managed to find a CCF file for the remote codes I think that if I convert them to HEX Logitech might be able to add them for me. The only other alternative is to purchase the original remoter from eBay or like you posted a compatible knock off remote.

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