Logitech Harmony 885 and Toshiba 42X3030DB


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Got my ps3, xbox and amp all set up using the above. However it never switches the inputs correctly when its on or even when turning on from cold :thumbsdow

I've gone thro the Troubleshoot side numerous times, tried getting it to automatically cycle thro the input to the right input, go straight to the right input etc and it goes to the right input once i've updated and saved it to the remote.

Its driving me insane :mad:

What am I doing wrong?


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Hi - Lucky I looked in - I have your TV and there's a simple solution.
You're not deliberately doing something wrong - it's just that you didn't know how to do it right.
Change the inputs from the cycling method 1 to the discrete method 2.
There's a separate command in the database for each input, HDMI1,2, Input1,2,3, InputPC, all as a sort of bonus from Logitech.


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Its still not doing it right. Just opens it up on the last input it used. If I use help it fixes it and changes it to the right channel. *** is going on :(


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Try adjusting the "power on delay" for the TV.
Many TVs won't accept input switching commands until they've warmed up.

Try using the original remote to find out how long the delay needs to be. Turn on the TV with the remote, and keep pressing the input button on the remote until the TV responds. Time how long it takes to respond.

Run the Harmony software, and find the delay setting for the TV. Change the default to be slightly longer than the time you found it needed.

I had the same problem with my Panasonic '81B. The default was 6000ms, IIRC. It actually needed to be 9000ms.


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The power-on delay lneeds to be 8 seconds and then the input shoud set correctly at the first Activity.
If you're using Method 2 and the Harmony discrete input codes you should have no problem when changing Activities either.
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