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hi all new here i would like to know if the Logitech Harmony 1000 Touch Screen Remote would work on virgin box to control changing channels from another room has ive tried other things and they dont work thank look forward to your advise .....:)


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I think your problem is more that the box is in the other room rather than a compatible remote. With very few exceptions (such as the PS3 BD remote) remotes use infrared light to send teir signal, so need line-of-sight to work. As the remote on virgin boxes uses this it needs to be in vision range of the remote being used, and it is unlikelly that any universal remote (or the V-box remote itself) will work in the this set-up.

Don't worry though - there's an easy way to do this. Unsurprisingly lots of people want to get the digital boxes etc out of their living room, so there are many IR-extenders available, which would either work by some form of radio (which can go through walls etc up to a point) or a cable. Shop around and you should be able to find one that suits you.

I am not farmilliar with the Harmony 1000 myself, but I find it unlikelly that it would be uncompatible with V-boxes, but there is no need to get that just to get the box working, as other remotes will also work using the setup I mentioned. Not that I'm saying not to go for the Harmony 1000, just that it's not worth it if its only to try to fix your issue.


Any Harmony will control the receiver, but they're infra-red and that doesn't go through walls!
There ARE plenty of IR-Radio Frequency-IR devices around though so it's a straightforward job and not expensive.

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I have both the harmony 1000 remote and rf extender and it is fully compatible with my virgin v+ box.

A couple of the comands didnt work from the remote but the software that comes with the remote allows you to teach the commands from the original remote


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thank you all for your replies i will take onboard what what you have all said and once again thanks :D

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