Logitech 525 Couple of Quickies


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Hi Guys,

I have had a look at the FAQ but cant find what I am looking for.

Will I be able to control my TF5800 and all the TAPs on it?

One thing my Miss's is moaning about at the moment is that everything is becoming a bit complicated (its not but you know how it is)

One of her main gripes is that when using the Topfield you have to turn the volume on the TV up so that the Volume is in Sync, but then when switching over to the DVD the volume is too loud. Will I be able to set it up so that it sorts out volumes of different devices too? I take it also that it will switch over the sources automatically too? i.e AV1, AV2 and HDMI etc etc.

Cheers chaps


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I have both the 525 and the 5800 and I love them both, and yes they do work to together very well. I have an external AMP which I use to control the volume, but the Harmony Software is sufficiently flexible it will allow you to control the volume according to your preference and what devices are currently turned on. For example, when watching a DVD you may use the television volume control, when watching the toppy (check out toppy.org.uk if you haven't already) you may use choose to use it's volume control, using the same buttons on the remote.
It will take a little while to setup (about an hour maybe?) it's not rocket science at all and the wizards walk you through it..

My setup is very complicated and it easily copes with everything I ask of it, despite the 525 being the "Poverty" model. My other half (who is not exactly a technophobe, or a technofreak) wouldn't be without it!

Go for it! :thumbsup:

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