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I finally got here, ive been reading with interest references to Logik Lpd 1001
Portable 10" LCD monitor and Dvd Player. There seems to be an air of mystery about this product, there is only one retail outlet which advertises
on the internet to my knowledge and if there are secret codes to change
the operating system they are unknown to me so dont ask. Im a very old
retired engineer and what attracted me to this piece of equipment is its
ability to play Mpeg4 which as you may know is a system used by Nero
digital recordings also it will play Xvid recordings. For the uninitiated these
are both highly compressed systems of reasonable quality ideal for your
home cine recordings, Im very deaf so anything with subtitles is good
for me, infact imperative which can be turned on or off by the Lpd1001. It was never designed to play Divx although earlier versions may be playable.
Appart from this it has excellent definition for a portable and is well constructed. Please note these are only my views and may not concur with
other peoples opinion.It should be noted as far as I know Xvid was developed
as a free or shareware recording system and is very cost effective.:thumbsup:Please note that I made no reference to sound quality,
Ive not looked inside the player and would not advise anyone to do so modern
equiptment is almost impossible to repair.Someone quite correctly remarked
that sound quality is poor or low level which suggests small inadequate speakers. My ears are of low quality too so im unable to make a judgement
but I agree.If you like the other aspects of its performance it is always
possible to hook up external speaker. I have converted Divx recordings
to Xvid quite succesfully and there is a programme to convert Nero Mpeg4
to Divx but needs a fair amount of Knowledge to do so.:thumbsup:


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You sound knowledgeble! I have a logik lpd1001 and it nees a new battery. I can easily buy one but am not sure if it is easy to fit. Can you help me please? Also will a 'generic' do as the logik one is £31.

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