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I have brought this stereo system recently. I wish to listen to the radio. On the rear of the system there is a white wire which looks like a radio aerial connection. It does say FM Antenna on the plastic.

My question is how do I install the aerial? Because at the moment all stations are crackly and the search function cannot pick up any stations.

Please help.



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Mmmm...hook the FM antenna to the connection marked FM antenna?

The most common and basic FM antenna is simply a plastic and wire 'T' shaped device -

Indoor Radio Aerial Kit from Aerial Shack FM AERIAL KIT Indoor Aerial

The antenna that came with your amp is probably very similar to this.

Now many amps, have a coaxial input for the FM antenna. The means the FM connection on the amp is very similar to the other RCA audio connections on the back of the amp. It has a hot connection in the center, which is then surrounded by a ground connection. They make small adapters to connect the twin wire FM antenna to the coaxial input.

The adapter is a somewhat small plastic device that has two screw terminals for the two wire FM antenna, and a coaxial plug to connect to the amp.

You can buy better FM antennas, some even have built-in amplfiers to increase the signal strength. Even old 'rabbit ears' type antennas or rooftop TV antennas make good FM antennas.



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my system has no input slot for a connection. Its just a white thin wire with a coppper wire inside. The link you have provided shows the aerial with a connection, i dont think my system will take this.

Is there an item on ebay i could see - do you have a link/>?

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