Logic 7 confusion?


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something i've noticed recently whilst watching things like soaps and even Beverly Hills Cop II last night is that logic 7/cinema 7.1 setting seems to get confused and starts sending voices to the surround left channel, as well as the centre. its remedied, sending voices solely to the centre by switching a different surround setting, then going back to logic 7. any ideas why this would be happening?

i like listening to logic 7 because it just seems much more envolving than DPLII and Neo 6.

Rolo Tomasi

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My HK receiver has this problem also. Some, on another forum, have suggested that it happens most frequently with lower strength / quality signal stations. I have not noticed a pattern.

The remedy is the one you discovered, ie switch to another DSP and then back again.

It seems that nothing in life is perfcet, sorry, perfect.

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