Logic 3 soundstation speakers for PS3


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I did a search for any threads on these speakers, but the only one I found had no replies, so I decided to ask in the PS3 section as it made more sense. Hopefully someone can shed some light and give some advice.

I have a Sony W4000 LCD TV and in my opinion the BBE sound option that you can have gives a fairly decent sound. I was watching X Men on Blu ray the other day and with the volume up farily loud it did kick out impressive sound.

I have been on the look out for a sound system to better this. I can't really afford or do I have space for an impressive 5.1 system, so I was looking at 2.1 systems.

This is when I found these the logic 3 soundstation speakers for PS3.

Logic3 Soundstation 3 Speaker System (PS3): Amazon.co.uk: PC & Video Games

Has anyone got any opinions on them. From these reviews and the review on trustedreviews.com everyone seems impressed with them and I didn't know whether to get them or not.

As I said I don't have room for a big 5.1 system in my room, so I was hoping these would provide the improvement I want with not taking up much space.


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