Loftbox users , global comm wall plate users - help reqd


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Help required.

Are you connecting the outer screen on your wall plates?
everytime I connect the outer screen the normal uhf tv is very bad, lots of noise, snow.

Have a large aerial in the loft. Am in a strong signal area, very small aerial indoors works well, so large one in loft should be ok.

Need to eliminate faulty loftbox.

Have checked all outlets and no shorts. screen clamped and inner wire in hole no shorts.

checked all f connectors.


Not added sky into the mix or LNB's until I know domestic TV is working.

Disconnected all other sockets - Now Have 1 socket and 1 tv connected. Still bad

Looking for ideas? clues? anyone users already installed?


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I connected the aerial directly to the room wall plate. No problem here. Perfect picture. thus bypassing the loftbox, now wondering if it is the loftbox at fault.

I studied the tvlink site and am now wondering do I need a tv linkinfra red sky adapter at each output point or is this optional?

any ideas , please???


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Thanks sam, seems to have all info I need.
I still suspect my loftbox is iffy.

been up and down ladder too much will try tomorrow.

What annoys me is I ran cables and plastered walls. ran 2 cables and saw loftbox expander. for the sky+ 2nd lnb and returns.

Now I see triax plates require 3 cables.
Seems less messy.

Oh well

cest la vie.


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