Loft insulation to reduce sound thru floor.


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Hi, I have read lots about soundproofing walls and adding mass and extra partitions etc. My problem is that I have a lounge above a bedroom and a bedroom above a lounge! It may sound strange but I have holiday flats. While 99.9% of the time we have no problems with noise on a very odd occasion someone has a tv on a bit loud and the sound travels through the floor above and as its a bedroom its not a great place to hear any noise.

So I was wondering if just lifting the boards and adding as much loft insulation as I can cram in would reduce the noise? I know its not the best insulation method by any stretch but a small reduction would probably work. Its only really the treble that seems to travel. As although the flats are comfortable with widescreen tv's, freeview and DVD players I havent installed 5.1 systems ;) so there is no real bass to speak off.

Any ideas?


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If its just the higher frequencies then what you suggest should be OK and achieve what you want. As its HF then you will probably have some airborne transmission through the floor, the rockwool should solve that unless the flanking path is through some other route such as pipe work etc.



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I have done this and it does help to a degree, I also sealed the upstairs floorboard gaps. Dont forget you need to leave a gap near any power cables.

The unexpected benefit of insulating the first floor was the heat insulation, our radiators have been turned down from 5 to 1

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