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I'm thinking of using the loft as more than just storage - it's not a bad space, but not big enough for a full on living space, so have just been thinking about maybe a room for a TV, xbox and a couple of bean bags just for me to chill out up there whilst the missus is watching crap on TV.

I realise that if it's a proper living space it needs a fire escape, and needs to meet all the building regs etc but is it viewed any differently if it was a setup like above?

Obviously, the floor would be reinforced and insulation added, and some electric work done etc but i'm not looking at installing a fixed stair case, just a loftladder or similar.

any ideas guys?


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From my understanding its only if you come to sell the house that it makes a difference, if you wanted to claim it had a loft conversion then you would need a proper staircase and as you say fire escape/exit. If however you aren't going to list it if and when you sell as a loft conversion then I guess it would make noe difference. Mate of mine has his 'office' in the loft, desk, heater, PC, etc, but he has to go up and down via a loft ladder, works fine for him.

I hope this is of some use.

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we are getting ours done at the moment but its a proper job in order to give us a new bedroom/den for dad (me). I understand that if its to be considered as habitable space then you must put a proper means of escape ie stairs and not a ladder. I have to say that whilst we are half way through i have no regrets so far we can add room and landing for about as much as the fees would be to move house so its good value. I am not bothered about getting it back as we plan to stay here for a while now. Building regs are quite strict now with regard to fire so there is actually quite a bit of cost associated with changing doors and fitting smoke alarms.

I will post some pics in a thread when its all done. Let me know if you want any more info.


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Building regs have to be followed for all work. Failure to follow them could lead to LABC making you fix the work properly.

When you say 'reinfoced floor', how do you plan on doing that? The current cieling joists form part of the roof structure and are not designed for anything more than very occasional light load (putting things in the loft etc). If you do not involve LABC and you have an issue, your house inurance may be null and void too.

I would suggest proceeding with caution.

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