Loewe Xemix 5106 DO Problems. Please Help.

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    Hi all,

    I've got a problem with my DVD player that I just bought about a month ago. It's a Loewe Xemix 5106 DO, and it's connected to my Loewe Concept Plus 84-100 TV through the Euro AV cord. Now the TV might seem a bit old to all you lot, but it's a great tv.

    The problem is when I go to play a VCD on it it rolls the image over and over, kind of like how on the realy old tv's you had to adjust the Vertical Hold. When I play a normal DVD it's fine, but when I try to play a copy that my brother made me, it does the same thing, just rolls the image.

    When I change the DVD to NTSC everything rolls, even the background image of LOEWE. I've even tried changing the TV to auto-BG (currently set on PAL-BG) and that stops the rolling, but makes the image black and white and streches the middle of the pic out further then the top and bottom. I don't know which is more annoying.

    Does anybody know what is wrong, and how I could fix it? It's really getting to me.

    Any help would be great.

    Thanks All.


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