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Having read great reviews for both he Xelos A32 and Concept L32 recently, I am interested in purchasing one of these as my first ever LCD TV.

I have some questions though;

Which is the better Xelos A32 or Concept L32? I am more inclined towards the Xelos, as this range has cool stand rack that I really like.

Which to get Xelos A32 Freeview or A32 Digital (DVBT)

Does anyone know where in London I can buy this from. Is John Lewis (5 yrs guarantee) the best place to get this?

Thanks in adavance! :thumbsup:


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I had intended to buy the Concept 32 but it the end I bought the Xelos A32 instead. The Xelos has a 4 speaker sound system which to my ears sounds better than the Concept's 2 speaker setup.
My previous TV (Loewe Aconda) also had a 4 speaker setup so I felt it was important not to compromise.
Regarding which model Xelos to buy I would advise yo ugo for the Freeview model. I have the Xelos with the DVBT tuner and it is not compatible with BBCi and digital teletext. The later Freeview equipped model changed that.


Thanks CMcK! Can I ask you where you bought the Xelos from? I can not find anyone apart from John Lewis online who is selling it. I would like to walk into a showroom and preview the tv before buying it.


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I bought my Xelos from John Lewis. The salesman was very helpful setting up a couple of DVD players so I could see one running via scart and the other via component.
The five year guarantee and free delivery is good as well. They don't appear to offer a proper full on Loewe style installation at home but I don't imagine that's a problem for the kind of people that frequent these forums.

A proper demo is essential though and that's something a mail order firm cannot offer.


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Does anyone have any alternatives to John Lewis?

I was thinking of trying to get them to price match against www.divineaudio.co.uk who have it for £1800. Peter Martin also lists it at £1800 but I believe not a 'real' shop for JL purposes.

If anyone's interested, there's an ex-demo Xelos A32 in John Lewis on Oxford Street going for £1550 with a five year guarantee. Unfortunately it's the older L2600 chassis that won't do 1360*768 over VGA but if you don't need this it's an excellent price!



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Moving to lcd's.


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Linnsight, the UK distributers for Loewe TV's have a shop in Harrods. Harrods also have a store card that when used at the right time, can give a huge discount.

Also worth checking out the Spheros - better still. Just make sure you understand how Loewe price their TV's - they have loads of options, some standard that can be removed to cut the cost. Normally the Spheros is shown with options such as black bassalt case and DR+ hard disc recorder. Remove these and the price comes right down.

One thing to watch, it is my understanding that only Loewe TV's installed by their registered installers carry the 2 year manufacturers warranty. Not sure if this is still the case.


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IanH does loewe offer a software upgrade in a similar fashion to the philips tvs? Also have you had the opportunity to see the new spheros side by side the new philips? How does the picture quality compare I have yet to see them side bu side - too far from harrods.

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