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Dec 10, 2002
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I was round a friends house today and he asked me to have a quick look at his new tv - 28" Loewe xelos (didnt catch model or chassis no.)

We managed to get things set up, to a point, but not completely, and Im sure we are missing something. I hope that one of you guys might have sorted these 4 problems already - here goes...

1. Can you assign channel numbers (buttons) to the AV channels ?

I wanted, say NTL on AV2 to be channel 6 - couldn't do it.

2. We could not get the tv to tune to the video, and therefore the 'video' channel - 0 is rubbish.

3. Watching NTL via RGB on scart, the picture would jump a couple of pixels every 10 - 20 seconds. v. annoying. Watching through the video in composite on AV1 was ok. picture not so good, but ok.

4. TV mucks about trying to select the right aspect ratio even when AMD auto movie detect is turned off.

Hope someone can help me out -

thanks in advance -

I have a 32" model that can assign names to AV channels!

I had a Xelos 28" but can't remember... :-(

Naming is slightly diferent, less characters in 28" model...

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