Loewe Xelos / DVD discolouration problem


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Apr 24, 2002
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Exeter, UK.
I've had a Loewe Xelos (Z5270W) for the past four years and it has served me very well.... until recently, that is. For the past year it has exhibited discolouration at the top of the image (about the first 15 lines or so) when watching DVDs - and only DVDs :confused:

When the problem first came to light, the DVD and my Sky digibox were connected to a manual SCART switch which, in turn, was connected to the TV's one RGB capable SCART. So, I checked each device in turn connected to the TV and with different cables and the problem was only ever visible when watching DVDs - so, naturally, I assumed the DVD player was to blame...

Ahem :blush:

Fast forward to yesterday - the first time I watched a DVD on my new DVD recorder... and of course the problem is still there :suicide:

So, despite pretending for years that I know a fair bit about this AV stuff, this has managed to completely stump me. Has anyone seen anything like this or got any ideas why a TV should behave so differently to inputs from different types of device - on the same input socket??? Help!!!



p.s. As can be seen from the attached image, a blue background appears magenta which is a bit weird as you wouldn't expect the red gun to be active at all. Similarly, an orange background turns green...


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is the problem still there is you output S-Video from the DVD (is you can) ?

I guess it might be a macrovision problem - have you got any macro-free discs (or possibly try a disc you've recorded from the digibox)

Thanks for the comments, Phil. The Macrovision lightbulb went off this afternoon at work so I set a widescreen recording when I got home... and it looks fine. S-Video and Composite outputs are fine and are (sadly) of such low quality that they're not really an option. Perhaps I'll splash out on a Sky Box Office movie to see if the Macrovision causes problems there...

A good point about the NTSC & PAL - I hadn't checked that out, just R2 & 4 disks... I will do once the wife is done watching Enterprise... I will get in touch with Linn once I've tied the problem down a little more - thanks for the info: not something that's obviously available from Loewe's website... (though I found it now
:blush: )

Ok, having checked your links and some NTSC disks, it seems I have an identical problem to the Australians: Macrovision interference on PAL disks with the Q2300 chassis (as in my Xelos). Bummer. I'll get in touch with Linn - but since it looks like it's a hardware issue I guess I'll be investing in an... ahem... image stabiliser.

Thanks for the pointers... :clap:


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