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I am trying to decide between the Philips 32 9308 and the Loewe Vitros 32. Any advice? Does the pixel + make a difference compared to Loewe's picture quality ? The Philips is marginally cheaper than the Loewe. Is £900 an acceptable price for the Loewe?

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The Philips should offer the better picture but also should be less reliable marginally on average. If I was spending that sort of money I think I'd take my dvd player along and insist on seeing it connected to these televisions.

Its worth pointing out that the Philips is a tv that scales up resolution and increases detail levels and creates a progressive image where as I thought (possibly wrongly) that the Loewe is a 100hz set which simply doubles the overall field rate. So in theory the Philips picture should be better but only your own eyes can put this to the test. You might be better off hanging on for a Philips pixel plus 2 set which are almost here. Something like the 32PW9509 which should be available in May.


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Loewe Vitros is my top TV!

Amazing picture quality and stunning looks!

The Loewe Aventos should be almost as good and cheaper.
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