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I have been mulling over the Loewe Vitros 28'' and have decided to press the button after Christmas(scuse the pun etc etc) Having had a good trawl through the forums I'm concerned about where I actually buy the thing. Any feedback-good and bad- from people who have bought on-line or in a shop will be gratefully received, Also which shops will price match internet prices? There seem to be some good deals on line - £750-799 ish. John Lewis does it for about £850 so £100 could be saved but is it worth the hassle of an online retailer?


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I think that Sony as They sell a lot of don't bother to much about control quality, so if you are lucky you get a good set if no your problems starts.....

I have my sony 36" packed again in my dinning room for retorning it, and I am considerating now a Loewe 32" I think this brand has much more quality than sony, the problem is that they don't make 36" sets.


When I was getting my new set it was between a 36” Sony or a 32” Loewe I went for the Loewe.
I think they do do a 36” set now, but I think the screen is slightly curves I will dig my Loewe book out and check for you.


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It's a 40" Loewe Aconda Garrett :eek:. An absolutely huge beast. I saw one a shop and it was taking up half the floor space :D. You're right about the curved screen though. I have no idea how you would ever get the thing in to your house as it sticks out a mile.

As for the original poster's question - I would say go for the Loewe but then like Garrett, I own an Aconda so perhaps we are biased ;). Objectively speaking, Loewe are leagues ahead.


Can’t find a 36” but there is a 40” opps groundy beat me to it. It is described as Super Flat as apposed to the 32" Aconda and 32” and 28” Vitros Real Flat

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