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I will be collecting my new Vitros shortly and I would like to know from all you vitros owners out there how did yours come packaged? e.g sealed with brown tape, clear tape, stapled. I want to make sure I am not getting a tv that has been returned by anybody else.


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Mine came sealed with brown tape last week but I don't think that's a very good way to judge whether it's been returned or not. They may choose different tape on different days. The packaging for instructions & remote I think were sealed which is probably a better guide.

Why the paranoia? I know John Lewis have a very strict honest policy on selling returned goods. Other retailers may not be quite so scrupulous.

Top TV by the way, I'm so impressed with it. Terrestial digital pictures are nearly as good as DVD. Looks gorgeous on the Soundstyle platinum/azure rack, much nicer than the Ikea-looking Loewe stand.

Just a note. Don't be dissapointed with the initial picture. The default factory settings are very bad and need adjusting. Have a search on this forum for other's settings on the Loewe Vitros or Aconda, they worked for me.



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Not many people return Loewe televisions so I would think you will be safe enough ;). From what I can remember my Aconda came sealed with brown tape.


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Mine too came with brown tape - wouldn't worry about it though.

From the service menu you can see the running time anyway ....

I wasn't that impressed by my 6381ZW Vitros - UNTIL I replaced my Pioneer 535 with a 656 - the difference was like night and day - a much more detailed picture with really vibrant colours (sharpness set to 0, DMI/DMM off)



Thanks for the replys guys. I'm not being paranoid. I have had three Sony KV32 fq75 televisions and been in dispute with a company for over a year trying to get my third Sony replaced. I'm just hoping that I'll get a brand new tv with no major faults and if the Loewe isn't right I'll forget CRT and go Plasma

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